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It all began with the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet. Lyman Frank Baum, eight days from his forty second birthday, sat with his family in their Chicago home on the evening of May 7, 1898. As on many other occasions, he was entertaining neighborhood children with a fairy tale about fantasy characters of his own creation. Suddenly, the enthusiastic curiosity of one little girl got the best of her. "Oh please, Mr. Baum," she interrupted. "Where do they live?" According to Baum family legend, the soft spoken storyteller glanced around the room until his eyes fell on a filing cabinet. The top drawer was labeled A-N. The top drawer was labeled O-Z. And so was born the marvelous land - a home for Dorthy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, the not so brave Lion, the Wizard and the other outlandish inhabitants of Oz

Directors - Charlotte D'Alfonso, Jen Ferguson
Assistant Director - Kim Marriotti
Musical Director - Sharen Seiple
Chorographer - Jen Ferguson
Stage Manager - Ken Arnold
Drums - Dan Hogan
Set Director - Andy Equels
Set Crew - Lisa Leonhard, Jason Gruber, Mary Pochatko, John Frey
Props Director - Anthony D'Alfonso
Props Crew - Josh Severson, Orion Anderson
Artistic Director - Candi Vernille
Artistic Crew - Jese McInturf, Brianna Allan
Lighting Crew - Kayla Carucci, Candi Vernille
Running Crew - Kaitlyn Spaulding, Matt McClimans
Make Up Chairman - Ed Staeger
Make Up Crew - Amanda McGuire, Candi Vernille,
House Manager - Courtney Surano
House Crew - Natalie Huff, Sydney Stone
In Charge Of Coloring - D J Huff


Thursday - Anthony D'Alfonso & Orion Anderson
Friday - Mary Moses & Sam Ference
Saturday - Tyler Christman & Natalie Huff


Independent Study Thiel Students Kim Marriotti and Andy Equels for all their help this summer. Earl Fenton and Nicki Yeager for their help during the summer. Dr. Bill Robinson and the Thiel Theatre for the sets, props and costumes. Candi Vernille, Jese McInturf, Brianna Allan, Amanda McGuire, Ken Arnold, Dave's Handyman Service for the help with sets and lights. Kim Huff for video taping the production, Amy Krachkowski, Kate Zgonc and Mary Zgonc for helping backstage and the parents that have helped in many ways.

CONGRATULATIONS go to Scot Davis, a Young Peoples Theatre alumni, for being the Associate Lighting Director for Assassins that won a Tony Award this year. Plus acting, Scot made homemade lighting that we used for our shows,



Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Dorothy
Act One

Sing Sing Everybody - All On Stage
Follow the Road - Munchkin Rapper, All On Stage
I ain't Got A Brain In My Head - Scarecrow
That's Wonderful - Tinman
Lullaby - Wicked Witch, Poppies
Jitterbug - Jitterbugs

Act Two

I Got The Power - Oz, Oz Citizens
There's A Light In The Distance - Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion
The Castle Of No Return - Wicked Witch, Bubonia, Mombi, Tibia, Monkeys, Ghosts
Sing Sing Everybody (Reprise) - All On Stage



Historian - Ken Arnold
Dorthy - Jennifer Huff

Act 1 Scene 1

Professor Marvel - Matt McClimans
Aunt Em (off stage voice) - Kim Marriotti
Uncle Henry (off stage voice- Andy Equels

Act 1 Scene 2

Storyteller 1 - Jason Gruber
Boq - Josh Severson
Mayor - Orion Anderson
Loq - Jenna Meighen
Toq - Sydney Stone
Moq - Sam Ference
Soq - Mary Moses
Doq - Erika Leonard
Munchkin Rapper - Orion Anderson
Toto - Laura Seiple
Other Munchkins - D J Huff, Abigail Huff, William Mayberry, Natalie Huff
Glinda - Nicole Powers
Wicked Witch - Zoe Anderson
Scarecrow - Andrew Wilson
Crow - Tyler Christman
Forest Characters and Trees - Anthony D'Alfonso, Ken Arnold, Matt McClimans, Mary Pochatko, Kaitlyn Spaulding, Lisa Leonhard

Act 1 Scene 3

Storyteller 2 - Matt McClimans
Tinman - Andrew Krepps
Lion - Eric Fassett
Fuddle - Erika Leonhard
Wiljon - Anthony D'Alfonso
Wogglebug - Kaitlyn Spaulding
Gwig - Matt McClimans
Nellary - Mary Pochatko
Polychrome - Lisa Leonhard

Act 1 Scene 4

Storyteller 3 - Sydney Stone
China Princess - Natalie Huff
China Dolls - Mary Moses, Sydney Stone

Act 1 Scene 5

Storyteller 4 - Jason Gruber
Poppies - Mary Pochatko, Jenna Meighan, Kaitlyn Spaulding, Courtney Surano, Lisa Leonhard


Gilkin Spokesperson - William Mayberry
Other Guilkins - Sam Ference, Tyler Christman

Flutterbudget Spokesperson - Mary Moses
Other Flutterbudget - Sydney Stone

Scoodler Spokesperson - Natalie Huff
Other Scoodler's - D J Huff, Abigail Huff
Head Jitterbug - Ken Arnold
Matt McClimans, Anthony D'Alfonso, Andy Equels, Jen Ferguson, Kim Marriotti, Erika Leonhard, Kayla Ferry
Fighting Trees - Orion Anderson, Josh Severson

Act 2 Scene 1

Storyteller 5 - Courtney Surano
Ozma - Kayla Ferry
Lord Growlie - Matt McClimans
Guardian 1 - Natalie Huff
Guardian 2 - Jenna Meighan
Oz - Ken Arnold

Oz Citizens

Sydney Stone, Mary Moses, Erika Leonhard, William Mayberry, Tyler Christman, Courtney Surano, Kaitlyn Spaulding, Abigail Huff

Act 2 Scene 2

Storyteller 6 - Kaitlyn Spaulding
Storyteller 7 - Tyler Christman
Bubonia - Lisa Leonhard
Mombi - Mary Pochatko
Tibia - Anthony D'Alfonso
Monkey 1 - Orion Anderson
Monkey 2 - Sam Ference
Monkey 3 - Josh Severson
Monkey 4 - D J Huff
Ghost 1 - Matt McClimans
Ghost 2 - Tyler Christman

Act 2 Scene 3

Storyteller 8 - Josh Severson

Act 2 Scene 4

Ghost 4 - Andy Equels
Ghost 5 - Jason Gruber

Act 2 Scene 5

Storyteller 9 - Nicole Powers
Entire Cast

Next summer will be the 25th anniversary of the Young Peoples Theatre. We will be doing the show, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES July 21, 22, 23, 2005. We are inviting YPT alumni to come join us.

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